She’s Been Dating Her Boyfriend For 6 Weeks And He Just Told Her That She Needs To Lose Weight

A woman in her 20s has been dating a guy who is also in his 20s for 6 weeks now. She was really, really into him and was under the impression things were going great between them.

Prior to entering this relationship, she has struggled with eating disorders throughout her life. She also used to be a competitive bodybuilder.

Currently, she is active but also healthy and no longer has an eating disorder.

“I’m a curvy/ muscular size 8 (not that it matters) and I love my body,” she explained. “I’d been very open with my boyfriend about my history and the fact that my long-term past relationship ended in large part because my ex constantly compared me to the body I had as a bodybuilder.”

“I also informed my bf that I felt it was inappropriate to comment on each other’s bodies and that was a big dealbreaker for me because of my history of food and body-related mental health issues.”

Anyway, not that long ago her boyfriend started acting weird and he was pretty closed off. She confronted him about it, and he questioned her about how committed she really was to their relationship.

“After digging a bit deeper because I didn’t understand what he was asking, he finally said “remember when we exchanged Instagrams? Well, I wish I never had because I saw the version of you I wish I had,” she said.

“He then proceeds to pull up my IG and show me a photo that I posted a few years ago of a before and after.”

“The before was me in 2012 when I was at peak eating disorder and very unhealthy, and the after was me feeling happy and healthy. He said he wished I looked like the before photo.”

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