She’s Having An Affair With A Married Man And She’s Wondering How To End Things With Him

She claims to have tried multiple times to end things with Eddie, but every time she does, she misses him terribly and can’t go through with it.

“It’s gotten to the point where if I start telling him that I’m miserable and want to end it, he brushes it off because he knows I still love him,” she said.

“Plus I don’t think I have the strength to tell his wife. Logically I know she needs to know but I’m a coward.”

Eddie and his wife have two children, and they’re both under the age of 10. Eddie constantly fills her in about all the issues he has with his wife, but she’s hoping somehow Eddie will be able to fix his marriage and turn things around.

“And honestly I do hope they can work it out because I don’t want to be that girl “steals” a man,” she continued.

“Plus everyone would rightfully hate me.”

She’s wondering how she can end things, and how she can dig deep to discover the strength to finally leave Eddie, because it is the best thing to do.

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