She’s Having An Engagement Party And Her Sister-In-Law Wants To Wear A Custom Dress With A Train So She’s Worried Her SIL Is Trying To Steal Her Attention

A woman recently got engaged, and her engagement party is set to happen soon.

What should just be an exciting and happy day to celebrate the love she has with her future husband is turning into a nightmare already, and it’s all because of her sister-in-law.

Her sister-in-law is insisting on wearing a custom-made dress covered in beading, and the dress has a train, just like a wedding dress.

She thinks the dress is stunning, but she really would prefer for her sister-in-law to wear it to any party but her engagement party.

Her sister-in-law had initially bought that dress specifically for a party she was going to throw, so she’s confused as to why her sister-in-law no longer wants to do that.

Now, the dress she already picked out for her engagement party doesn’t have a train at all and is very much so less lavish than what her sister-in-law is wearing.

“I have tried to explain to her that I would feel uncomfortable by her wearing this dress because she will look very out of place and it’s just too extravagant for the occasion, but she insists on wearing it,” she explained.

She even told her sister-in-law she would be happy to pay for her to buy a brand new dress for her engagement party, but her sister-in-law declined the offer.

Her sister-in-law then talked to her mom behind her back to get her permission to wear the over-the-top dress.

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