She’s Pretty Sure Her Boyfriend Is Starting To Resent Her Because She Hasn’t Lost Any Weight And He Asked Her To When She First Met Him

A woman has been with her boyfriend for close to 6 years, and the entire time, she’s been overweight.

“When we first met he asked me if I intended to lose weight to which I replied yes,” she explained.

“Since then I have lost about 30lbs collectively, but even then I would still be considered overweight.”

T.Den_Team –

She has attempted to diet and she also has tried working out, but none of those things have ever helped her to lose a lot of weight, which she does want to do.

She even tried to go vegan, but that so far has not worked for her either.

She says she wants to lose the weight for herself, not for her boyfriend, and she has struggled with her size her entire life.

Her boyfriend has never once referred to her as fat, and he does tell her that he loves her body. Their intimate life is also seemingly healthy as far as she is concerned.

“…But based on convos we’ve had, I can tell he’s resentful of the fact that I haven’t completely transformed my body,” she said.

“Like one time during an argument, he claimed that I lied to him about losing weight to “hook him” initially.”

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