She’s Pretty Sure Her Mother-In-Law Stole Her Wedding Idea So Now They’re Not Speaking To Each Other

“My mother-in-law pretty much stole my wedding ideas. The party was Saturday, and it looked like something straight off my Pinterest board,” she said.

The woman ended up calling her mother-in-law, who admitted to seeing her wedding ideas. Apparently, she figured those were her stepdaughter’s favorite colors and “just ran with it.”

However, the woman also noted that her mother-in-law is “lazy as hell.”

“I yelled at her that she stole my ideas when she knows my wedding is coming up. She said to chill, and that she told from Pinterest, not me,” the woman said.

“I defended my position because I feel like people might see the overlap and question it.”

This woman was over-the-moon excited for her wedding and is hurt that she did not get the chance to use any of her own ideas. But, her mother-in-law was not hearing her perspective.

“She ended up calling me dumb, saying I was being selfish and that I should think of all the poor LGBTQ teens,” the woman said.

Now, she and her mother-in-law are not speaking, the woman’s fiancé is taking her side, and the wedding is quickly approaching.

How would you have felt in this situation? Do you think the woman’s reaction to her mother-in-law was warranted?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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