She’s Tired Of Her Brother-In-Law Being A Serial Dater And She’s Telling The Internet She Recently Refused To Meet His New Girlfriend Because There’s No Way This Will Last

“He got upset and said his brother (my husband) had already agreed. Husband said it’s a little rude to uninvite but ultimately he agreed with me.”

“Since then BIL has been trying to arrange a meet-up/double date, which I always decline. I told him I have no interest in meeting any more of these women until he finds one that he’s actually going to settle down with and get married.”

Obviously, that really pissed off her brother-in-law, who then dragged his whole family into this by accusing her of being envious and unsupportive of his happiness.

Christmas is supposed to be at her house this year, and her brother-in-law has since been threatening to not come at all if his new girlfriend also can’t come with him.

She honestly doesn’t care about this, but her husband isn’t too thrilled and is insisting that she is being dramatic.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“I like to make friends out of in-laws and friend’s partners, and constantly having to have my own heartstrings tugged on every time one of them leaves the picture would get very old, very fast.”

“These relationships affect you and the family, it’s not just about BIL.”


“Not sure how possible it is, but if you want to break him of this habit, just invite over all the other women he’s brought previously.”

“No doubt he introduced them with the hope they would be friends with his family, especially if they were so “serious”.”

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