Someone Broke Into This 19-Year-Old’s Apartment And Stole More Than $20,000 Of Her Belongings

Dallas, Texas. 19-year-old Rachel is a young woman living in Dallas, Texas, who recently came home to something terrible.

Rachel opened the door of her apartment, only to discover that someone had broken in and stole more than $20,000 of her belongings.

“On December 19th my sister, Rachel, walked into her apartment to find that everything had been stolen,” Rachel’s sister Christina Francis wrote on a GoFundMe.

“A burglar broke into her home in Dallas and stole over $20,000 worth of personal property and money, including the equipment that sustains her livelihood as a musician.”

“To name just a few things that were taken: her electric and acoustic guitars- including her very first guitar she was raised on, guitar pedals, home studio setup, music equipment, flute, computer, TV, all of her clothes and shoes, and everything else you can imagine.”

“The culmination of her life’s work was taken from her.”

Christina did say that Rachel reported the burlargy to the local police department, but so far, the authorities don’t know who did this to her.

The police also said to Rachel that they don’t think the things that were stolen from her will ever be recovered.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Rachel

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