Someone Broke Into This 19-Year-Old’s Apartment And Stole More Than $20,000 Of Her Belongings

“Because of this situation, she now needs to find a new safe place to live, as well as find a way to pay for the basic necessities she needs to survive in her life and career,” Christina said.

“All who know Rachel know how dedicated and hardworking she is in her music career.”

“At the present time, Rachel is feeling extremely overwhelmed and any kind words or phone calls can be sent to me or her family instead of directly to her.”

“In lieu of physical gifts, it’s most important that she has enough money to pay her immediate bills, find a place to live, and get back on her feet.”

Christina is now trying to raise money to help her sister replace everything that was stolen from her.

If you would like to help Rachel, you can do that here.

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