Stephanie Matto From 90 Day Fiancé Went Viral After Sharing That She Sells Her Farts In Jars And She Made $50,000 In Just One Week

She sells each tiny jar for a whopping one thousand dollars. The TikTok community was both repulsed and intrigued, asking tons of questions.

So, Stephanie made a follow-up video and even shared that she made fifty-thousand dollars in just one week from selling her jars of farts.

GoFundMe; pictured above is a screenshot of Stephanie writing out a note to include with one of her orders

“The first question I get asked a lot is how long do the farts last. The smell is most prominent for the first two days, but– as I like to say– one whiff will make memories that last a lifetime,” she said while staring into the camera.

So many people were also curious as to why anyone would purchase such a service. To this, Stephanie said she believes it’s because she is “hot” and “has a good personality.”

Apparently, Stephanie also inspired some other members of the TikTok community to begin their own side hustle.

GoFundMe; pictured above is a screenshot of Stephanie’s video where she reveals she made $50,000 in one week 

Some commenters asked her for tips and tricks when getting started. She advised her followers not to eat fiber one bars, not push themselves too hard, and to have fun.

“Don’t let people judge you or get you down. It’s a business, you’re making money, and you’re not hurting anyone,” Stephanie said.

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