The Boyfriend Of Her Fiancé’s Mom Made A Joke That She Didn’t Find Funny So She Kicked Them Out Of Her Engagement Party

A woman and her fiancé recently had their engagement party, and she wound up kicking her fiancé’s mom Madeline out of the party, along with the boyfriend of her fiancé’s mom, Robert.

She had no idea that she caused a scene until she called up Madeline to ask if she should bring something for Christmas tomorrow, and Madeline made it clear they were no longer invited to her house because of the drama that went down at the engagement party.

She and Madeline have always had a tough time together, and while she was looking forward to trying to fix things, she’s not sure if that’s going to be possible.

She continued to say that in her social circle, getting married is a big deal and the bride-to-be always wears white to all of the events leading up to the wedding.

“My parents hosted a very nice engagement party for us and Madeline showed up a little late,” she explained.

“My mom gave her the obligatory compliment on her dress, and Robert turned to me, smirked, and said I should thank him because Madeline had a white cocktail dress she had planned on wearing, but he spilled champagne on her on a boat a few months ago and she didn’t realize it had stained. I just looked at him kind of like what…why would you tell me that?”

“Robert laughed, kissed her, and was like sorry baby I’ll buy you another dress. Also it is important to note that my fiancé does back me up but wasn’t there at the moment.”

Her mom was shocked and she was livid, so she told Madeline and Robert that they needed to leave her engagement party.

Her mom also told them both to leave, and that they were never invited to come to their house ever again.

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