The Groom’s Mom Accused Her Of Being Trashy At A Wedding For Loudly Laughing At The First Dance Song The Bride And Groom Picked

A young woman attended a wedding for her boyfriend’s best friend last week, and she was invited to the wedding.

Her boyfriend was asked to be one of the groomsmen, and actually, the bride was very adamant about inviting her to some of the planning activities because the bride really did not want her to feel excluded in any way.

“I am not necessarily friends with her we just get along well,” she explained. “One of the reasons I could never be her friend is because she’s more girly than me and she’s also obsessed with K-pop. She’s a nice girl but not the one I’d pick as a friend.”

Several months before the wedding, the bride and groom told her and her boyfriend that they had finally picked out a song for their first dance, and it was a K-pop song.

The bride and groom asked her and her boyfriend to come with them to work with a choreographer on creating the dance.

“When they said that I giggled a bit and I said that this is getting too far now,” she said. “The bride was offended and asked me why is that and I said that she should just pick a normal song for at least one day. She said it is a normal song and doesn’t like the implications. I left it at that and moved on.”

After that incident, the bride essentially no longer invited her to much of the planning events. Her boyfriend then said to her that his best friend, the groom, made it clear that her critical comments about the first dance song had upset both of them.

Due to her behavior, the bride and groom wanted to be more private about their wedding plans so nobody would make fun of them and their choices.

The day of the wedding finally arrived last week, and she still was invited even though she offended the bride and groom.

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