The Groom’s Mom Accused Her Of Being Trashy At A Wedding For Loudly Laughing At The First Dance Song The Bride And Groom Picked

The bride and groom’s entrance song was one of Ed Sheeran’s songs, and their first dance song was the exact K-pop song she had made fun of them for earlier.

“Once they went on the dance floor and I heard the music I laughed nervously and I couldn’t stop laughing,” she continued.

“My BF told me to shut up and be serious and I said sorry I can’t this is ridiculous. Some of our friends were trying to hold their giggles as well so it was not just me.”

“Then the groom’s mom looked at me with a disgusted look. The couple saw that I had been laughing and the bride looked uncomfortable.”

For the remainder of the wedding, she chose to say nothing to the bride and the groom.

In the days that followed the wedding, her boyfriend was very upset with her and called her out for her disgusting behavior at the wedding.

He said she was so disrespectful for laughing out loud at the bride and groom, and other guests clearly heard her, along with the bride and groom.

Her boyfriend also felt she had encouraged other guests to mock and laugh at the bride and groom too.

“He also told me that his best friend said my behavior was unacceptable and how even his mom who doesn’t care about that stuff considered my reaction “trashy” and inappropriate,” she wrote.

“I don’t think it was that deep, probably not the best look but still not that serious for everyone to be that upset over,” she concluded.

What gave her the right to try to make the bride and groom feel ashamed of a first dance song they loved and wanted to dance to?

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