The Zipper On Her Bridesmaid Dress Broke As She Was Supposed To Get To The Wedding Ceremony And Her Best Friend The Bride Says This Ruined Her Entire Day

The bride was upset the rest of the night—she accused her friend of acting “childish and immature” for panicking about the dress.

One bridesmaid even sent the poor woman a nasty message, worsening the situation. These reactions left her feeling that she’d done irreparable damage just because she’d had an emotional response.

Still, it seems that a supportive friend might understand the appearance anxiety her best friend was going through and try to avoid blaming her for having feelings or stress.

After all, she had supported the bride through every step of the process before the wedding, dedicating time and energy to helping her best friend have a wonderful wedding and reception.

The woman was left wondering, “What should I have done?” But this situation doesn’t seem avoidable since stifling your discomfort to appease someone else rarely has a good outcome.

And being honest with your friends about how you’re feeling is crucial to retaining trust. We can’t control our emotions, but we can surround ourselves with people who honor them.

Hopefully, this woman can find a positive and accepting space in her friendships and leave this nightmare in the past. 

How would you feel in this situation?

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