This Cat Almost Lost His Life After Being Diagnosed With A Urinary Blockage And Now His Loving Parents Are Hoping For A Christmas Miracle

Santa Barbara, California. One-year-old Maine Coon cat, Moose, is a goofy, fun-loving boy, who plays with his mom’s chapstick, hangs off of doorknobs, and loves his three-pet, two-parent family.

However, Moose recently began showing signs of distress when using his litter box, and his parents, Gabby and Cameron, immediately suspected a urinary blockage.

They rushed him to the nearest vet, who ran a plethora of tests, and even found crystals in his urine but failed to treat Moose on time.

This delay resulted in vets sending him to a 24-hour emergency clinic, where Moose received the life-saving treatment he needed.

However, the time it took to treat Moose created the possibility of undergoing another blockage and requiring more emergency surgery.

“We are two loving but poor parents in college, trying to build a future and family for ourselves.” The couple shared on their GoFundMe page for Moose’s medical costs.

“We have already paid $8,000 in veterinary bills to save our kitty and will likely need $2,400 more for his surgery. We love our fur babies more than anything and will do whatever we can to keep our Moosey healthy and safe.”

This young cat deserves a chance at a healthy life with his sisters, Pepper and Whiskey, and their loving parents.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Moose with Gabby

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