This Dog Was Born With Three Congenital Heart Diseases But Now Things Are Getting Worse And Her Family Is Trying To Buy More Time With Her With A Life-Saving Surgery

Paw Paw, Michigan. Dog parents will go to great lengths to protect the pets they love, even if it becomes difficult financially and emotionally.

Written from the perspective of her best doggie friend, this family’s GoFundMe is raising funds to pay Kimber June’s increasingly expensive medical bills.

Aurora Joy and Kimber June are dearly loved german shepherds who have been best friends all their lives.

Unfortunately, Kimber has been in poor health recently, and doctors found that she has a total of three congenital heart diseases.

Though she was born with these conditions, they have gotten progressively worse throughout her life and may soon become life-threatening if not treated.

If Kimber exerts too much, even just playing fetch or palling around with her dog friends, she could go into cardiac arrest.

Cardiac surgery could close off the vein connecting her pulmonary and aortic valves. This fusing should have happened naturally at birth, but Kimber’s heart is filling with too much blood and swelling up without it.

In addition, her dog mom explains, “the other two diseases are affecting the [other] opening, not allowing enough blood to go out of the heart, called Pulmonaric and Aortic Stenosis. So essentially, her heart is constantly in a fight with itself.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Kimber with her family

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