This Husky Was Found Crying And Limping Through Brooklyn Before A Woman Stepped In To Save Him From The Streets: It Turns Out His Owners Moved And They Kicked Him Outside To Fend For Himself

The vet also said he may have some kind of awful condition going on, though it’s not clear right now if that’s the case.

NYCARG decided to call this husky Miska, meaning “little bear” in Russian.

He is shy, but so loving! He definitely will need much veterinary care to get him back on his feet  – but with all that has happened to him you can tell he is so grateful to be rescued by us – he is now at least safe & warm and slowly being fed to get his strength up – the vet also said she thinks he may have eaten rocks and sticks as he was literally starving to death, so he may possibly need an operation before he can get neutered,” NYCARG continued.

The rescue group is now hoping to raise money to cover the costs of his growing vet bills, and they want to be able to get him back to feeling healthy so he can find a home with a family who will love him and never toss him out in the cold like this again.

If you would like to donate to Miska’s medical bills, you can do that here.

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of Miska

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