This Mom Stole Her 22-Year-Old Daughter’s Identity, Went To College, And Spent 2 Whole Years Pretending To Be Her

Springfield, Missouri. A 48-year-old mom named Laura Oglesby stole the identity of her 22-year-old daughter Lauren Ashleigh Hays, went to college, and spent 2 whole years pretending to be her daughter.

This all started back on January 14th, 2016, when Laura fraudulently applied for a social security card using Lauren’s personal information.

The Social Security Administration then sent Laura a social security card for Lauren, with no idea this mom was posing as her daughter.

On the day that Laura got that social security card, she turned around and applied for a driver’s license in the state of Missouri under Lauren’s name.

“In 2017, Oglesby used the fraudulently obtained Social Security card of L.A.H. to enroll at a university, identified in court documents as “University A,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri explained in a statement.

“Using the stolen identity of L.A.H., Oglesby applied for and received financial aid to attend University A. Oglesby obtained $9,400 in federal student loans, $5,920 in Pell Grants, $337 for books purchased at University A’s bookstore, and $1,863 in finance charges.”

So, Laura went on her merry way and posed as her daughter while enrolled at Southwest Baptist University for two entire years and nobody caught on to her.

Laura created a fake Facebook profile under the name Ashleigh Hays and she did heavily edit her photos to appear younger, but that still doesn’t explain how she passed for practically half her age in real life.

Mountain View Police Department; pictured above is Laura Oglesby in her mugshot

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