This Mom Stole Her 22-Year-Old Daughter’s Identity, Went To College, And Spent 2 Whole Years Pretending To Be Her

Laura also was able to con a couple named Wendy and Avery who welcomed her with open arms after she pretended to be a “battered young woman” suffering from domestic abuse.

“For two and a half years Avery Parker and I have mentored, Lauren Ashleigh Hays,” Wendy wrote in a Facebook post.

“Her story was, she came to Willow Springs as a battered young woman by domestic violence. At 22 she had no family and was all alone.”

Facebook; pictured above is Laura in one of her edited Facebook photos

“We took her into our lives and we cared for her. Physically, emotionally and very often monetarily. The lies were small at first, lies a child would tell. Then things escalated. I asked my sister-in-law Stacey Parker Hackler to do a little research, she’s out of state and sharp as a tack.”

“Two days, 26 phone calls and 86 texts later Lauren or I should say Laura Ann Kirkpatrick Hays Oglesby, age 45 is now in custody awaiting trial in two states for embezzlement, federal fraud, drug charges, and quite a few other miscellaneous charges. Up to life in prison.”

“She leaves behind two ex-husbands, four children, and two grandchildren. Who want nothing to do with her, neither do we. Our trust in people has been crushed.”

Facebook; pictured above is Laura in another photo

Laura has pleaded guilty to one count of intentionally furnishing false information to the Social Security Administration.

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