This Mother-In-Law Completely Spoiled Her Daughter’s Proposal And Now, She Is No Longer Invited To The Engagement Party

A twenty-four-year-old man was so excited to propose to his girlfriend of five years. That was until his mother-in-law completely ruined the surprise. Now, the man wants his mother-in-law nowhere near the engagement party.

“I had bought the ring and basically took it on a tour to show her friends and my friends in order to get their approval. I then asked her dad for his blessing and her mom too,” the man started.

The two love birds met in college years ago. His girlfriend had always loved the idea of her family and friends being present when she got engaged.

The man loved the idea too and made an effort to involve her friends and family just like she had hoped.

“Since about June of this year, I have been getting her used to having those people around. That way, when I finally pop the question, she won’t be suspicious,” the man explained.

But, his mother-in-law had different plans. Earlier this week, the man got a heartbreaking call from his girlfriend– she knew all about his proposal plans.

Apparently, his mother-in-law called his girlfriend to say that she had seen the ring and that the man was going to propose on Thanksgiving.

She even told the girlfriend that she should dress nicely.

“I told her that her mom was lying, but she didn’t believe me,” the man said, “That was my original plan, but it got ruined.”

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