This Mother-In-Law Completely Spoiled Her Daughter’s Proposal And Now, She Is No Longer Invited To The Engagement Party

The Thanksgiving holiday came and went, but nothing happened. The man really wanted the proposal to be a surprise, so he held off.

But, his girlfriend ended up very upset since she was expecting the proposal to finally happen. So, the man ended up calling his mother-in-law to give her a piece of his mind for meddling in his plans.

“I told her mom that she would no longer be notified when I propose because she clearly cannot keep a secret and ruined it,” the man recalled, “Then, her mom said I was selfish to keep her away from the party and that I better think twice before doing that.”

The man could not care less about his mother-in-law’s opinion and told her to mind her business. Instead of doing that, the mother-in-law again became involved and called his girlfriend to tattle on him.

His girlfriend did get angry with him again, too. Finally, though, the man sat his girlfriend down to have an honest discussion.

“I eventually told her straight-up what happened. I told her I wanted it to be a surprise, and she even agreed that she would rather me do it unexpectedly,” the man said. Apparently, the man’s girlfriend was shocked that her mom would even do such a thing while knowing how much she loves surprises.

“She then called her mom and told her off too. Her mom apologized to me but still feels like she had the right to say something about it,” the man said.

The tension has not resolved even after that empty apology, though. Now, the girlfriend does not want her mother around for the engagement party either.

“She doesn’t like her mom’s sense of entitlement. Her mom now thinks that I have brainwashed her daughter,” the man said.

In trying to prepare a romantic and thoughtful surprise, this man unknowingly walked into a whole mess.

He now plans to propose on New Year’s Eve while the ball drops but can’t stop wondering if he was in the wrong for how he treated his mother-in-law.

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