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This Organization, Witches Of Scotland, Is Working Hard To Get Justice For Those Accused Of And Executed For Witchcraft

So, Witches of Scotland hopes to bring some ounce of justice to those accused and wrongly tortured under the heinous law.

The organization has three main goals– a pardon for those who were convicted, an apology from the nation, and a national memorial meant to respect and honor the memory of those accused or convicted.

On December 19th, the organization’s founders posted an exciting update on Instagram. After podcasting about their cause and gathering a public petition, Witches of Scotland is now working to bring forward a bill that would pardon those convicted.

Zoe and Madison are also writing to the First Minister’s Nicola Sturgeon and the National Advisory Council on Women & Girls to support the bill.

In addition, the pair is asking for an apology to be issued on International Women’s Day 2022.

The founders hope that the Scottish Parliament will recognize that this campaign is widely supported in the community. So, Zoe and Madison have asked the social media community to share their mission.

You can sign up via email on the organization’s website to stay updated with the campaign. And, you can follow their journey on Instagram and Twitter @WitchesOfScotland.

“Let Scotland be a positive example in addressing its past and moving forward with a steadfast determination to do better and make society equal for all,” Zoe and Madison wrote on the @WitchesOfScotland Instagram page.

To visit their website and learn more about getting involved, visit the link here.

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