This Poor Girl Fell Down The Stairs And Broke Her Jaw But The Community Came Together To Help Pay For Her Surgery To Get It Fixed After Her Accident

Norwalk, Connecticut. Earlier this week, Victoria Hartmann organized a heartfelt GoFundMe for her dog, Onyx, after she suffered a terrible fall down the stairs.

“This morning, Onyx hit her mouth on the stairs while falling. She ended up breaking her jaw open, and her teeth are hanging out,” Victoria wrote, “I’m still unsure of the extent of her injuries. But, she definitely needs emergency surgery to fix her jaw.”

Like all pet lovers would be, Victoria was extremely concerned for Onyx and wanted to afford any help necessary. The community started to get involved in Onyx’s cause while Victoria continued to post updates.

On November 27, Onyx underwent sedated x-rays which revealed a pretty clean break in her jaw. Still, she needed to see a surgeon as soon as possible.

Victoria and Onyx were out of town visiting family, so they drove back home to Virginia after the appointment.

“We are praying a specialist will see her tomorrow and do the surgery as soon as possible since she is in immense pain,” Victoria wrote, “We are also hoping that they will accept a payment plan as we do not quite have the full amount of what the surgery will cost.”

On November 29, Victoria dropped off Onyx at Cornell University Vet Speciality Hospital for emergency dental surgery.

“She will have the broken portion of her jaw removed– which is about twenty to thirty percent of her jaw– and then the rest will be splinted to hold it in place while it heals,” Victoria explained.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Onyx

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