This Poor Girl Fell Down The Stairs And Broke Her Jaw But The Community Came Together To Help Pay For Her Surgery To Get It Fixed After Her Accident

Onyx’s doctor believed that this would be the best approach since Onyx can learn how to have full jaw function again and avoid future surgeries.

After receiving the surgery, Onyx should recover in one to two months. After that, she will still be able to eat and hold a ball, just in an adapted way.

“Obviously, this whole situation is not ideal, but we could not have this possible without everyone’s help,” Victoria said, “I seriously have been nothing but a ball of tears for three days from seeing my baby girl so hurt and scared. I am truthfully just in disbelief from how loved and supported we are by our community of family, friends, and beyond.”

People from all over donated to support Onyx’s procedure and left heartfelt words of hope on Victoria’s page.

“Sending all of my love to you and your baby,” wrote Christina Hoadley, who donated fifty dollars.

“Praying for you and your sweet baby Tori!” wrote Aaliyah Craig, who donated twenty dollars.

Finally, Onyx underwent her surgery yesterday. It went great, and she arrived home yesterday evening.

Now, Victoria is focusing on Onyx’s recovery by keeping her calm and managing her pain. She is still in disbelief at the amount of support she and Onyx received from the community.

Because of such caring donors, Victoria was able to shut off new donations. The GoFundMe reached over six thousand and five hundred dollars, and she now has enough to cover Onyx’s surgery and post-op.

Still, Victoria plans to post more updates as Onyx continues throughout the recovery process! If you would like to follow Onyx on her journey, visit the GoFundMe link here.

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