This Sweet Cat Is Suffering From Something, But His Veterinarians Still Aren’t Sure What It Is That’s Making Him Sick

Hamden, Connecticut. Heather, her partner Chris, and Toki, who she describes as a “sweet but shy Russian blue cat,” have lived a wonderful life together for the past ten years.

So when a sudden illness came over Toki, Heather and Chris were left at a loss.

The couple shared in their GoFundMe that things have been increasingly dire for the past three months. Toki began having appetite changes, bowel issues, and issues feeling full. 

Heather has already spent an unforeseen amount in hospital bills, and vets still can’t diagnose Toki with a specific illness.

Now, Heather writes, “He needs a feeding tube, ultrasound, upper and lower endoscopy, IV fluids, and a pinpoint liver ultrasound.”

She makes sure to clarify that these measures are not even a part of the treatment process—they are still only diagnostic measures, the cost of which has already risen above $6,000. 

Already in the midst of financial struggles, Heather and Chris were stunned to have such a time-sensitive emergency on their hands suddenly.

They have refrained from buying a house because of financial strain, and now they are even farther from their goals.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Toki

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