This Sweet Service Dog Started Experiencing Seizures And It’s Not Clear What’s Causing Them

Jersey City, New Jersey. After six years of companionship, Derek Tripp and his service pet, Marvel, face some life-changing challenges.

Marvel suffers from unexpected seizures that started just over two months ago, and they are preparing for the massive veterinarian bills coming in.

Both Derek and Marvel have been through so much together. Starting when Marvel was a pup, life has been interesting for both of them.

Derek found Marvel unexpectedly during his college years. He never intended to bring home a dog but found himself drawn to Marvel. It was a match meant to be.

Taking care of a new dog is a huge undertaking, especially for a college kid, especially a very energetic puppy.

Overwhelmed at first, Derek had second thoughts. He had to step up and take care of these new responsibilities. But, little did he know, it was Marvel that would take care of him.

Years later, through the loss of Derek’s mother, Marvel stayed by his side and helped him get through the emotional turmoil that comes with the loss of a parent.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Marvel with Derek

Marvel’s support was significant. His presence was vital to Derek’s everyday life, so much so, Derek had Marvel registered as an official service pet.

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