This Teen Accepted A Ride Home From A Stranger One Night After Her Phone Died And Now This Guy Keeps Texting Her

A 19-year-old young woman found herself stuck in the center of a town one evening after her phone died.

As her phone shut off, she was right in the middle of ordering herself an Uber so she could get home.

Without any other options, she wound up accepting a ride from a complete stranger to her house that night.

The man who picked her up is 26-years-old and she ended up giving him her phone number. Now, he won’t stop texting her.

“I know this is already dumb and not something I plan to do again,” she explained about accepting the ride from him in the first place.

“He was super nice and we made good conversation on the drive then without really thinking about it I gave him my number because I planned to bake him something for getting me home safe (one of the things I talked about was how I liked to bake he mentioned wanting freshly made bagels).”

“I’ve felt weird about giving him my number since as it’s not something I normally do and he’s a good bit older than me.”

A few hours after he dropped her off at her home, she sent him a text to say thank you, thinking nothing would come of it.

He actually didn’t reply back to her, and then several days went by without her hearing from him at all.

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