This Teen Accepted A Ride Home From A Stranger One Night After Her Phone Died And Now This Guy Keeps Texting Her

“He texted me over a week later asking about the bagels and implied that we should meet,” she said.

“I told him I was out of town because I just felt weird about meeting a stranger and I thought that that would be the end of it.”

She went on to say that she is so grateful he got her home that night without any issues, but she thinks the whole thing is strange and she really doesn’t want to keep talking to this guy at all.

A week after she heard from him, he sent her another text saying “hi” along with her name, and he put the blushing emoji next to that message.

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She absolutely does not want to get together with him and she isn’t sure if she should simply block and ghost this guy or what.

“I think it’s kinda odd he keeps messaging a random girl he talked to for like 20 minutes max but also maybe I’m just overthinking it and I’m the one being weird?” she wondered.

How would you feel in this situation?

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