This Teen Model Was Booked For A Risqué Photo Shoot And After She Refused To Do A Few Things She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Unprofessional Of Her

She’s left wondering if she really is unprofessional for not wanting to do all of these risqué things that she was not made aware of until she arrived at the shoot.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Hello I am a photographer who is also gay! None of that is cool! That photographer was exploiting you guys and is calling you bigoted to detract from the fact he’s a giant creep!”

“Tell your agency immediately and also tell everyone you know not to work with that dude.”


“Models are allowed to set boundaries, and any professional shoot needs consent from everyone.”

“You are NOT supposed to be exploited or made to do things you’re not comfortable with. You’re not being “difficult” or hard to work with, and you’re definitely NOT homophobic for saying no…. most straight lingerie ads also don’t involve making out or licking bodies….”


“Part of being a ‘professional’ model means aggressively defending your boundaries. They didn’t disclose what the shoot would entail and you were right to walk. Lots of predators in that industry.”

“The LGBTQ angle is a red herring. Best wishes to you.”


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