This Young Couple Was Making A Move Across The Country When They Woke Up On Christmas Day And Found Out That Everything They Owned Had Been Stolen

Sadly, on December 26th, a tow truck driver came across Evan and Amanda’s U-Haul along a roadside, and nothing inside was really salvageable.

“The lock was broken, and most everything was stolen, damaged, or strewn about in the sand,” Linley explained.

“It was really hard for Ev and Amanda to look through the photos- they worked so hard for all of their belongings, and to see them carelessly tossed around was difficult.”

GoFundMe; pictured is Evan and Amanda’s U-Haul

“A few things might be salvageable, like a tabletop that had sentimental value, but not much else is able to be recovered.”

Linley noted that Evan’s truck is still nowhere to be found and that it most likely will never be recovered.

GoFundMe; pictured above are some of Evan and Amanda’s things strewn about

If you would like to help Evan and Amanda replace what they have lost, you can do that here.

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