While Skiing With Friends, This Teen Broke His Back Trying To Do A Backflip

Denver, Colorado. The Lewis family is experiencing many parents’ worst fear; a fun ski trip could change their son’s life forever.

16-year-old Cyrus went skiing with friends a few weeks ago. While performing a backflip, he landed wrong and broke the 5th cervical vertebra.

Cyrus was rushed to Denver Children’s Hospital by way of the Flight for Life, soon followed by his mother.

After the doctors stabilized his broken neck with surgery, Cyrus stayed in the ICU for two days. He was paralyzed from the torso down with limited use of his arms.

When his family consulted with neurosurgeons on Cyrus’ conditions, they received devastating news; Cyrus may never walk again.

Cyrus even captured the shocking moment on video, later sharing what happened with his community on Instagram, as well as the family’s GoFundMe.

“There wasn’t enough snow,” Cyrus said. “I didn’t have enough speed. I didn’t stick the landing. This was the moment when my life changed.”

“I was left lying in the snow for just under two hours. My friends did everything in their power to take care of me until help arrived.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Cyrus on the right

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