You Can Now Buy The Nativity Set That Martha Stewart Made While She Was Behind Bars

It’s wonderful to see her making waves again with her creativity, elegance, expertise, and excellent taste.

Her attention to detail is her forte—no matter where the venue is, Martha shows up, and she shows up in grand style.

An American businesswoman entrepreneur, author, rap music appreciator, strong animal rights advocate, director, and lifestyle guru, she remains popular throughout the world, fueling the Martha Empire.

Wash your hands and say your prayers; germs and baby Jesus are everywhere but, there’s only one baby Jesus in Martha’s house.

TikTok; pictured above Martha shows us her inmate number, which was put on the bottom of her original pieces

You can buy the nativity set on here for $149. “There is almost no Christmas tradition as enduring as the Nativity, and whether you are looking to start this custom in your home, or help a friend or family member carry it on in theirs, this ceramic Nativity Set from Martha Stewart is an elegant take on the classic configuration,” the website description reads.

“Comprised of 14 figurines — 3 camels, 2 shepherds, 2 ox, 3 wise men, an innkeeper, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — the set creates a complete scene of the first Christmas.”

“The figurines are about 6” to 8” tall (though some are smaller), and finished with a glossy ivory glaze that will reflect the shimmering lights around your home and provide an extra dazzle to the divine display.”


You’ll never guess where I made this nativity scene…?Get ready for a storytime #HolidayCountdown #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

? original sound – Martha Stewart

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