2 Years Ago She Was Shot By Her Husband Who Hid In A Shower And After He Went On The Run He Recently Took His Own Life When Authorities Closed In On Him

“This will include, but not be limited to, funeral expenses and expenses that will be needed for the children’s care.”

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Savannah and Trent

Authorities eventually caught up with 48-year-old Trent, arresting him and charging him with Savannah’s murder.

Trent was later released on bond, and he was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Somehow, he slipped out of it and went on the run.

A few days ago, authorities closed in on Trent after getting tipped off about his whereabouts.

“On New Year’s Eve, about 11:15, in Marion County, Florida, the dispatcher received a 911 call, basically a tip saying that Trent Paschal was asleep in a van at an RV park,” Deputy Marshal Alfredo Perez said at a press conference.

“Shortly thereafter, police officers arrived and tried to make contact with him and they heard a gunshot.”

“They did not approach right away; they knew who Trent Paschal was. They had run him on NCIC and knew that he was out on bond for murder and other violent crimes.”

“Law enforcement police officers know probably the most dangerous criminal is the one who has skipped out on bond; one who has cut his monitor off; one who has evaded law enforcement right after he gets out of jail because he knows once he gets back in he’s not going to get back out.”

“So, they didn’t approach for awhile. When they did make the approach, they found a white male deceased in the back of the van.”

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