A Girl That He Has A Crush On Is Trying To Help Him Figure Out If He Should Not Get Married To His Fiancée

A man has a fiancée that he’s currently in a long-distance relationship with because of their jobs.

They do get together once every two months, and they cannot move in together until after their wedding.

He proposed to his fiancée one year ago, and now that they are having some problems in their relationship, he’s struggling to understand if it’s because of the distance between them, or if it’s because they have real problems.

Recently, he made a female friend through work, and they hung out with other people that they know outside of their workplace.

This friend of his began sending him messages, and they started chatting more and more throughout this past summer.

“For a while before, I had started feeling more and more anxious about getting married. It’s since become overwhelming and currently, the thought of it is terrifying me,” he explained.

“The friend and I began to message more and more regularly until it became a daily thing. We are both busy people but she messages me at least 4-5 times a day…sometimes double messaging and with essays.”

“There would be a lot of banter but we also had intellectual chat. This is when I started to like her, but I thought that it was a phase like my fear of getting married.”

“I realized that I should be talking to her less because of the feelings I was getting but it was a little addictive to talk with her.”

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