After Her Mother-In-Law Insulted Her Engagement Ring And Proposal Story, She Told Her If She Makes Any More Mean Comments She Won’t Be Invited To The Wedding

A woman recently got engaged just two months ago, and she was overjoyed about it. She has a wonderful relationship with her fiancé, and their only issue is, well, his mom.

Despite the fact that her mother-in-law is a complete and utter nightmare, her fiancé always does his best to put her first and put up some boundaries.

“The first time I saw her after the engagement she took my hand and held my ring up against hers and just smiled at me (hers is considerably bigger),” she explained.

“She told me it was cute for a starter ring and said she was sorry she threw her first engagement ring into the ocean or she could have passed it down to me.”

“I replied that I am superstitious and wouldn’t wear a ring from a failed marriage and MIL said well anything would be bigger than that.”

Just one week after this incident, her mother-in-law celebrated her anniversary, and her husband gifted her jewelry.

When she saw her mother-in-law, she pulled out a piece of her new jewelry and compared it again to her engagement ring before laughing.

Her fiancé intervened and asked her to stop. Her mother-in-law then brought up her proposal and wondered if she was upset by it.

“She then asked if I was disappointed with my proposal because we were just on the couch,” she said.

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