After Her Sister Tried To Hook Up With Her Fiancé Behind Her Back, She Decided Not To Invite Her To Her Wedding

Since her fiancé was not ok with picking her sister up and bringing her back to their home, she mentioned he could take her to a nearby park that was very busy so he would feel comfortable.

“My sister doesn’t have almost any friends and has a personality disorder making friendships hard to maintain,” she said.

“While they were at the park, my sister looked at my fiance and said, “You know if you wanted to do anything, I wouldn’t tell anyone.” My fiancé immediately took her home and told me what had happened.”

“I have had very limited contact with my sister since and made it abundantly clear I do not wish to pursue a relationship with her at this point. I still see her at family functions but other than that we are no contact.”

Now that she is beginning to move the ball forward on organizing her wedding, she let her mom know that she’s not planning to invite her sister at all.

Her mom got mad at her and insisted that she has to invite her sister simply because she’s still a part of their family.

What she doesn’t understand about her mom’s argument is that she doesn’t speak to many of their family members for various reasons, and she isn’t inviting her cousins, uncles, or aunts to her wedding.

She did mention to her mom that her sister tried to hook up with her fiancé behind her back, and her mom insisted it had to be “a big misunderstanding.”

She refused to believe her mom spinning things in this way, and then her mom tried to say that her sister can’t help her behavior because of her personality disorder.

“Except I also have the same personality disorder,” she continued. “This is not the first time my mom has enabled her or tried to downplay stuff either.”

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