After Her Teen Brother Went Missing, She Was Shocked To Find That He Wound Up In A Hospital After Being Hit By A Car

Riverside, California. One family experienced what no one should have to go through; Nathaniel, 13, went missing after an afternoon with his friends.

His sister and mother became concerned when he didn’t come home Friday night, so they contacted the police.

But, unfortunately, an officer told them that the department didn’t have enough “manpower” to search the local hospitals. 

So the family began posting flyers around the neighborhood and doubled down on their search efforts with the help of friends.

But the following Wednesday, a police officer finally showed up on their doorstep. He asked them to identify a boy who had been hit by a car on Friday. Their hearts instantly sank, imagining the worst.

As it turns out, Nathaniel had been in their area when he was hit and was airlifted to another hospital for emergency treatment.

Though the police department near the hospital had contacted the police in Hemet, the neighborhood where Nathaniel had gone missing, they had said no missing person matched his description.

The hospital had even put Nathaniel in an adult ICU because they assumed he was 20-years-old and not 13.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Nathaniel

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