At Her Friend’s Wedding, The Groom Tried To Sleep With Her And After She Told Her Friend What Happened, She’s Being Accused Of Ruining Her Friend’s New Marriage

A 26-year-old woman recently attended her good friend’s wedding. Her friend, who is 27, wound up being an absolute bridezilla, so the majority of her wedding ceremonies went south because of that.

For example, 7 different people who were part of her friend’s bridal party nearly dropped out right before the wedding because her friend tried to force them to wear weird outfits she bought for them.

She also nearly skipped out on her friend’s wedding but chose to just go so she wouldn’t create any problems.

The day of the wedding arrived, and while she was at the wedding reception, she was speaking to several people there.

The groom, her friend’s 34-year-old husband, also happened to be in this group of people she was chatting with, and she really doesn’t know this guy well at all.

This spot where she was standing was not in the main area of the reception, and some of the decor was placed in such a way as to make it not all that visible from the main area.

Suddenly, the groom confronted her about not having spent any “one on one” time with him before the wedding.

His comment immediately struck her as strange, because it’s not like they were friends or had ever hung out.

There was no reason for her to spend quality time with him alone, and she tried to brush off what he was saying, but he continued to talk about this topic.

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