At Her Friend’s Wedding, The Groom Tried To Sleep With Her And After She Told Her Friend What Happened, She’s Being Accused Of Ruining Her Friend’s New Marriage

“I steered the convo towards their honeymoon when he said “bet you wish it was you who was going with me, right,” she explained.

“I didn’t reply ’cause I thought I misheard him. He kept repeating it though and he started saying how if I was his bride he wouldn’t be able to control himself right now and that we would have been doing it right here.”

“I didn’t know how to respond so I said WTF and started walking away when he grabbed my arm and said “let’s get out of here, we can be done in 30 mins and no one will miss us” to which I responded no I will not.”

“He still didn’t let go of me and kept saying I know you want to.”

At this point, her friend Emma walked up to them along with her boyfriend. Emma had heard every single thing that the groom said to her, and the groom began freaking out.

The groom accused her of being “inappropriate” and intoxicated, even though she had nothing to drink that day.

Another one of her guy friends was aware of the fact that she had nothing to drink, and he approached her and the groom too now.

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Her friend got very upset with the groom since he know that this guy was lying about her being drunk.

It’s worth noting at this point that the groom himself was also completely sober while propositioning her.

Quickly thereafter, the bride noticed there was some commotion, so she walked over to all of them.

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