Do You Need To Live With Someone Before You Get Engaged Or Married? Allow These Internet Strangers To Weigh In On That Question

Living together is sometimes the natural next step as a relationship progresses, and sometimes, it’s not.

Everything of course depends on the situation and the people, and one person on Reddit who goes by lissablue44 wondered if you really should live with someone before you get engaged or married.

Ever wonder about this? Well, allow these internet strangers below to weigh in on that question!


“I’m pro living together before engagement and marriage.”

“There is no practical downside to it. I moved in with my then-boyfriend after 9 years of a long-distance relationship.”

“Even though we had taken trips together and he had stayed over at mine for weeks at a time during our LDR, we’ve learned so much about each other’s habits, cleanliness standards, daily routine, and household management styles after moving in together.”

“There are certain things you just won’t discover until you’re living together.”

“We’ve ironed out the things that didn’t mesh well, and we both can say that we’ve figured out how to live together. We got engaged four years after moving in together, and the wedding is on for this year.”


“I’m pro living together too, but there absolutely is a practical downside to it.”

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