Do You Need To Live With Someone Before You Get Engaged Or Married? Allow These Internet Strangers To Weigh In On That Question

“If it doesn’t work out it’s much more complicated to untangle from each other’s lives if you live together vs if you lived separately.”

“I personally think it’s a risk worth taking for the additional information you’ll gain about the relationship and functioning together, but it’s not without downsides.”


“I dated my ex for 6 years. Moved in. Got married two months after moving in. Divorced not even a year later.”

“Can easily say if we ever lived with each other before marriage we wouldn’t of gotten married lol”


“Doing a couple of years of ‘test-driving’ to see if you are on the same page in regards to household cleanliness, finances, and social activity can save one a nasty divorce.”

“I couldn’t date someone, blow money on marriage, move in together just to find out my partner lets his dog s*** on the floor instead of being a good owner and THEN having to pay for a divorce.”

“Sure, some people can hide their nasty side for a while to get their way but that would take commitment and that is not something your garden variety slob usually has.”


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