He Just Discovered That His Girlfriend Goes To The Bathroom In The Woods Every Single Morning

A man and his girlfriend both live with one another in an area that’s right by some mountains. Their backyard backs right up to a wooded area, and then there are a bunch of trails that snake through the woods from there.

Every single morning, his girlfriend gets up, and she goes out for a walk in the woods that’s by their property.

Several weeks ago, when he noticed his girlfriend had gone out to the woods, he thought it was a good morning to go jogging, so he left several minutes right behind her.

“As I’m running up the trail I see her jacket behind some bushes,” he explained. “I call her name and walk behind the bush to see her pooping.”

“She got incredibly embarrassed and told me she had a sudden urge to go and couldn’t make it back to the house.”

He tried his very best to be sympathetic to her situation, and he tried to joke with his girlfriend about it after it happened in an effort to make her feel better and, well, less bad about it.

Well, he got up this morning and chose to go out for a jog in the woods, and while he was running, he spotted his girlfriend out there.

Again, he noticed that she was going to the bathroom in the woods, and he knew there was no way she simply couldn’t make it back to their house in time to do her business.

He confronted his girlfriend in a serious tone, and she wound up revealing to him right then and there that she actually goes out to the woods every single morning to go to the bathroom.

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