Her Best Friend Asked Her To Be A Bridesmaid But Then Decided To Cut Her Out Of The Wedding

A woman in her early 30s moved to another state a little less than 3 years ago, and when she started her new job, she met another woman the same age as her that wound up becoming her best friend.

She instantly became super close to her best friend. They started spending as much time as they could together while at work, and then they quickly began spending all of their free time outside of work with one another as well.

She and her best friend talked about everything and they both shared extremely personal things with one another. She also ended up going on several trips with her best friend, and she thought they had a great friendship.

She was thrilled to have found a best friend so quickly after moving somewhere new.

“…When she got engaged this past summer I have been there for her every step of the way,” she explained.

“Including sending her venues when she was struggling to find a place, and talking about themes, colors, where she would have her bachelorette party, etc. and she told me to grow out my hair for wedding pictures.”

Now, her best friend invited her to be one of the bridesmaids at the wedding, and very recently, her best friend spoke to her about the order she wanted all of the bridesmaids to be in.

Her best friend had initially planned on having another bridesmaid that she was friends with for 15 years be ahead of her in the wedding day order, but after her best friend got into a blowout fight with this other bridesmaid that involved screaming, everything changed.

Her best friend then told her that she would be the head bridesmaid in light of the fight.


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