Her Best Friend Is Pregnant With Twin Girls And Said Her Stillborn Daughters Are Inside Her

A 26-year-old woman has a 25-year-old best friend named Shay. Although they are best friends, they haven’t always gotten along great, and she did wind up cutting Shay off for a few different reasons.

Some of those reasons include the fact that Shay decided to sleep with two of her boyfriends, and this all went down when she was between the ages of 15 to 19.

She’s tried to be sympathetic to Shay, and she’s tried to forgive her. She figured that in their adult years, they both grew and their relationship lately has been going really well.

Not that long ago, she learned that she was pregnant with twin girls. Sadly, her daughters were stillborn at 7 months, and after that, Shay got mad at her because she was not allowed to come to the hospital to meet her daughters due to COVID.

Shay then stopped talking to her completely, which made her upset because she really needed her friend to be there for her and help her not feel so lonely and sad.

“It really made me re-evaluate our friendship but later she said she was going through her own things,” she explained.

“This is when she dropped on me that they were trying for a baby. Don’t know why you’d say that to a mother who just lost her twins but she did.”

“She continued to tell me each time she got pregnant and each time she miscarried. I just tried to be supportive because I understood the pain.”

This really took a toll on her to hear about each one of Shay’s miscarriages, so she knew it was time to put some space in between her and Shay.

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