Her Best Friend Is Too Nice And It’s Causing Major Issues In Their Friendship

A 29-year-old woman has a best friend who is the same age as her, and they have been besties for close to an entire decade now.

She absolutely adores her best friend, and she thinks that her best friend is so kind and generous…but it’s becoming a major problem in their friendship.

“When I or another friend ask for critique on a project we’re working on, or even just a movie we’ve seen, she just insists that everything is perfect,” she explained.

If she keeps asking her friend with a little more pressure about how she really feels about a given topic, only then will she get honest and admit things could be different or better.

Every time her friend is honest though, she apologizes like crazy, despite the fact that she is asking her best friend for her true opinion on something.

“Her reply to choices is almost always “whatever you guys want is fine by me,” she said.

“She also has a tendency to go overboard with gifts, to the point, it feels like I can’t tell her I’ve been eyeing something or she’ll try to get it.”

“When I try to match her gifts, it’s like she takes this as an invitation to go a step further. She will also insist on paying for transport and snacks and will refuse when we try to do the same (financially, we are all doing pretty okay and much the same).”

It makes her feel so uneasy, because it seems like she and her other friends are “taking advantage” of her bestie.

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