Her Best Friend Stole The Man She’s Madly In Love With, And Now She’s Forced To Live With The Happy Couple Until 2022 Is Over

This woman had the guy she’s in love with stolen by her best friend. And it gets worse. They all have to live together.

They met in college in the UK and shared a flat.

Her friend had been in a long-term relationship, but they broke up during their first year of school. He had been cheating on her.

And the woman supported her friend through this challenging breakup.

Soon, the woman started growing closer to one of their mutual friends, her now-boyfriend. He had been there for her when her dad took his own life and was incredibly supportive.

“He stayed with me through the night, held me as I cried, cuddled me, played with my hair until I fell asleep, held back my hair when I’d drank too much, etc.” She wrote.

Though she was in love with him, she never told him. The timing just never felt right, and her life was still chaotic. So they both went home for the summer break without starting an official relationship.

When they returned to school in the fall, the woman shared an apartment with her best friend and two other friends.

Soon, however, she began noticing her best friend was spending more and more time with the guy she was in love with. When friends confronted them, though, the two said they were just friends.

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