Her Boyfriend Expects Her To Go To Six Weddings With Him But She Can’t Afford To Attend All Of Them

This woman is struggling with a question that has so many complicated, varying answers; “What are my obligations as the long-term girlfriend?”

She’s been with her boyfriend for five years now; she’s 30, and he’s 33. But this year has presented new social and financial challenges that she isn’t sure how to tackle.

As a couple, they’ve been invited to six weddings happening in 2022, three on the East Coast and three out West.

Of course, they are in the East, so the local ones are a no-brainer. But as anyone whose friends are all getting married knows, attending a wedding can be an expensive endeavor.

There are plane tickets, gifts, outfits, and hotel costs to factor into the whole affair for a faraway wedding.

She figures that missing two of the weddings out West—those of her boyfriend’s college friends, one of whom she hasn’t met and another she doesn’t know well—wouldn’t be a big deal.

Plus, she isn’t forcing her boyfriend to go to her close friend’s wedding, the third event on the West Coast.

But her boyfriend seems to have some baggage about her not getting to know his friends, either from turning down trips with them or when she needs time away while visiting his family over the holidays.

So it sounds like this might be a conflict of introvert versus extrovert expectations—she might not have enough energy to go around for all of the people in her own life, let alone her boyfriend’s.

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