Her Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Big-Chested Women But Since She’s Not Built Like That It’s Making Her Insecure

On top of all of this, she did end up hearing her boyfriend speaking to a friend, and her boyfriend told his friend about a recent night out where he met a drunk woman who got her big chest out for him to see and “it was amazing.”

“I feel hurt,” she continued. “I feel hurt because he keeps telling me and others about how much he loves big breasts and the attention he gets from big breasted women while I am over here, trying my best to be sexy for him and he doesn’t even pay attention to my breasts bc they’re not huge.”

Before she knew all about her boyfriend’s obsession, she had a hard time with confidence and how she views her body, but in light of all of this information her boyfriend shared with her, her confidence is really plummeting.

She’s not sure where to go from here.

How would you handle this situation?

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