Her Boyfriend Slept With A Random Woman He Met At A Hotel And Claimed The Encounter Only Happened For A Few Seconds

A 30-year-old woman has been with her 35-year-old boyfriend for close to 8 years now, and yesterday evening, he dropped a major bombshell on her.

There was just no way she could have prepared herself for this shocking news, which turned out to be that her boyfriend slept with a random woman he met at a hotel a little over a month ago.

Her boyfriend was staying at that hotel on a work trip when he met this woman.

“He told me he’d woken up early hours of the morning and needed some water, had gone to reception to get somewhere there was this woman asking for heartburn medicine,” she explained.

“My partner said he had some as the hotel reception didn’t. Apparently, they walked to his room, both wearing face masks due to covid regulations, when they got there she invited herself in, took the medicine but proceeded to start touching him.”

Her boyfriend revealed to her that he only slept with this random woman “for a matter of seconds” before he stopped and asked her to leave his hotel room.

As for why he would cheat on her in the first place? He said he just got caught up in the moment and “lost his mind” temporarily.

Her boyfriend did insist that he is in love with her and that what he did back in that hotel brings him a lot of shame and disgust.

He did offer up an apology to her, before insisting that he will do anything she asks of him in an effort to repair the destruction he just did to their relationship.

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