Her Boyfriend Suggested They Go Look At Wedding Dresses For Her, Then Accused Her Of Making Him Feel Like There’s A Lot Of Pressure To Propose

A 24-year-old woman has been with her boyfriend, who is 4 years older than her, for over a year and a half now, and by all means, things with them have been moving very fast.

4 months into dating her boyfriend, he wanted her to move in with him. Now, they’re discussing having a baby later on this year.

She does think everything with her boyfriend is going great, and she does really want to begin a family with him soon.

“I have discussed in the past that one of my goals is to be married before I get pregnant or have kids because it’s really important to me to feel like I have a real family (my parents were never married and later separated so I have always wanted the opposite) and he understands but says he’s not ready for marriage so he’d be willing to push back trying for a baby,” she explained.

Over the last few days, her younger sister has been sleeping over at their place since one of her roommates has COVID and she’s scared to get sick.

Her sister is already married, though her husband is currently in the navy. Anytime her sister sees her being affectionate with her boyfriend, she makes joking comments about being lonely without her husband, and when her sister does this, she teases her back that she isn’t a wife yet.

The other day, she went to lunch with her sister and her boyfriend, and as they were driving back home, they saw a new shopping center with a bridal boutique.

She did say out loud in the car that the dress featured in the boutique’s window was gorgeous, and her boyfriend insisted that they all should go look at the wedding dresses.

She tried to tell her boyfriend that she did not want to do that, but it was too late and he had already pulled into the parking lot of the shopping center.

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