Her Boyfriend Tried To Cheat On Her So She Dumped Him But Now She Doesn’t Think She Can Ever Be Romantically Involved With A Man Again

A 30-year-old woman had been in a long-term relationship with her 32-year-old boyfriend up until she recently dumped him.

She ended the relationship after her boyfriend attempted to cheat on her, and when she talked to him about this, he confessed to her that he was so attracted to other women.

Her boyfriend then said that he wished this wasn’t how he was feeling, but facts are facts.

While he also mentioned that he thought they had a great private life and love for one another, that wasn’t good enough for him.

“I was naive and did not realize that my desire to only be with my partner and the people I find most attractive being around my age were unusual qualities, especially for men,” she explained.

“Having accepted this I can’t see any reason to re-enter the dating world and try to find someone new, as the chances of finding someone who shares my feelings of romantic love is incredibly low.”

“The studies I mentioned are an OkCupid study showing that men are most attracted to women ages 20-24 their entire lives regardless of their own age, while women are most attracted to men around their own age.”

“Another study showed that men are dramatically more likely than women to leave their long-term partners when they get very ill.”

Given all of this information, she does understand that not every single guy out there is like this and that good guys can exist…but they’re rare.

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